Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know before starting your new Franchise

our business and you.

You will no doubt have numerous questions at the start of your new journey as a Green Machine franchisee, therefore, to give you some insight, Jerome has answered a few common ones.

1. What skills and experience does a franchisee need?

You will need good communication and people skills, be self-motivated, and share our passion for excellent service. You will also need the drive and determination to succeed.

2. How long is the initial franchise agreement term for?

5 years.

3. Can I operate my franchise business from a home office?

Defiantly yes, and we recommend that all new franchise owners build their business initially from a home office setup.

4. What help will I get initially to grow the business?

There is no Management Service Fee in the first 12 months of trading and we include £150,000 of new business enquiries in year 1 within our extensive start up package

5. Can I purchase a second region (territory) in the future?

Yes, that is an option.

6. Is there an exit strategy?

What are your goals, where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years or beyond? You can sell your franchise, pass the business to your children, or simply employ a manager, to get that everlasting pension.

7. Does the contract cleaning sector have a long future?

Based on our extensive operating experience a Green Machine franchise should be recession proof because commercial cleaning remains a necessity. The UK business cleaning sector is growing year on year and will develop to over £6.1 billion overall by 2022.

8. How much is your management service fee (MSF)?

There is no Fee for the first 12 months of trading, after this period a fee of 5.75% of your turnover is applied.

9. Reading your brochure, I see that Green Machine will perform all invoicing and credit control tasks for my new business, which is great news, however, when do we get our monthly income?

At month end what is collected by that date, is paid to you by Bacs transfer on the 10th (less our charges).