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You will no doubt have numerous questions at the start of your new journey as a Green Machine franchisee, therefore, to give you some insight hopefully, Jerome Rellis (director/ owner) has answered a few common ones:

1. What skills and experience does a franchise need?

Our franchisees are not cleaners, they will manage and grow their territory. You will need good communication and people skills. Green Machine’s franchisees will be self-motivated, and share our passion, for excellent service delivery. You will need drive to keep your business growing profitably, and earning a good living, and building a substantial asset at the same time.

2. How will I build my customer base?

Guaranteed sales appointments: To the value of £100,000.00 in year 1 – included within your franchise package.

– A three-month Google AdWords package: Targeted email marketing campaigns, branded literature, business stationery is included with your franchise.
– Telesales facility: Green machine can provide and manage as required.
– Marketing campaigns: current customers.
– Marketing campaigns: Attracting new customers.
– Field based marketing campaigns: Attracting new customers.
– Social media marketing.

3. Is there an exit strategy?

What are your goals, where do you want to be in 5 -10 -20 years? You can sell your franchise, pass the business to your children, or simply employ a manager, to get that everlasting pension for future financial security.

4. Does the contract cleaning sector have a long future?

A Green Machine franchise is a recession (even COVID 19) proof business, even in times of economic downturn, commercial cleaning remains a necessity.

The UK business cleaning sector is growing year on year and will develop to over £50 billion overall by 2022.

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