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Franchising: How does it work? - Green Machine Franchises




Everything you need to know about a commercial cleaning franchise

Choosing a Green Machine Franchise

Green Machine is a management franchise opportunity, so you will employ a team to work in the business, while you work on the business focusing on high level growth. We will design your own bespoke individual business plan in line with your aspirations, detailing how you will plan for your business to operate from day one.

Everyone is different that’s why our Green Machine Franchise development plans is focused on the following key areas:


1. Your growth and development plans for years 1 to 4
2. No Management Fee for the first 12 months of trading.
3. Sales appointments will be arranged for you in your first year
4. Three-month digital marketing Google Ad Word campaign focusing on your trading area, to help generate sales
5. Once we know what your growth targets are, we will confirm what structure and support you will need to achieve your goals
6. Marketing plan to achieve your goals
7. Sales appointment targets to achieve your goals
8. Focus on which business sectors to target
9. Monthly reviews with Jerome

Your Franchise can have an accelerated or more a steady growth plan, that’s the amazing aspect of the Green Machine business model, it is totally unique and focused on each individual and their requirements.

Option One : Hands On

This approach involves you, the Franchise Owner, working on all aspects of the business, to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are, and which elements of the business growth you enjoy the most for example:

• Operations
• Business development

We anticipate you will establish which roles(s) you wish to do yourself after 3-6 months of running your new business, and then be in a position to identify which roles you need to recruit for.

This option can involve employing a part-time mobile supervisor; however, this will only be required once you have achieved annualised sales of 90k.

As your business grows still further, we will advise you of the key personnel to recruit and when. The key advantage of this method of growth is that you get to fully understand all elements of your business.

Option Two : Operational

Your key role will be the Operational needs of your business for example:

• Service delivery of your customers
• Management of your cleaning operatives

Then recruit someone to focus on business development, this can be on a part or full rime role as required.

This option requires a higher amount of working capital to cover all additional salaries, as your business development employee will take time to start developing new sales opportunities, when your income be less at this early development stage

Option Three : Business Development

The Franchise Owner takes on the Business Development role which will include:

• Attending new sale appointments
• Producing tender documents

Then recruit someone to focus on operational aspect of the business, this can be on a part or full rime role as required.

This option will require a higher amount of working capital to cover all additional salaries for your operational employee when your income will be less at this early development stage.

Option Four : Total Management Franchise

The fourth option is to recruit people for all the key roles from day one and operate the franchise as a purely Management franchise from the outset. You will employee a Business Development Manager and Operations Manager, these roles can be either full or part time initially.

This is the fastest way to grow the business, as it you to work on the business rather than in the business. This option requires the largest level of investment.


Arrange a call with Jerome, Michelle or Mary to find out how a Green Machine Franchise can work for you