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Our Business Opportunity

A Green Machine Franchise
is a recession & COVID 19 proof business

Even in times of an economic downturn, and the challenges that we all face with COVID 19, our business has still grown and developed and become even stronger.

“Being told one of the team had received positive COVID 19 test and working out who then needed isolating and testing was bad enough. However, we also had to think about how we kept the premises safe for those who remained at work. Despite being horribly delayed for another meeting she was on her way to, Michelle Rellis turned into the knight on the white charger, and sorted things for us within an hour.

A Green Machine employee appeared on the scene, gave us clear instructions about isolating the rooms to be fogged, when we could go in, how long to ventilate afterwards, etc, and a very difficult situation became something relatively straightforward.”

– P Maynard, Horfield Health Centre.

The UK commercial cleaning sector

The UK commercial cleaning sector is worth more than 5.6 billion and is growing year on year.

Every business within the UK has potentially, the need for a commercial cleaning service, therefore the opportunities are endless.

Recurring income
& attractive earning potential

We only provide B2B commercial cleaning services, and our core business model (income) is made up of 90% contracted customers, so our franchises will have the financial stability of recurring income every month.

A contracted customer is where we provide a commercial cleaning service, for a set number of hours over a set number of days, for example:

  • Monday to Friday – 5 days a week
  • 4 hours of cleaning every day
  • 20 hours of cleaning per service week
  • All customers will sign an agreement initially for 2 years, then a rolling annual continuous renewal clause will apply by default

We also provide additional services, which have extremely high-income margins such as:

One off builders cleans

COVID-19 cleaning services


Wash room services

PAT testing

Window cleaning

Carpet cleaning & hard floor maintenance programs

Making Green Machine a ONE stop solution for all our customers facility and buildings needs and requirements.

Low start-up costs

In any successful and profitable new franchise business, keeping your costs and overheads low is essential. We would recommend starting up your new business, from your home address if possible, all that you really need will be:

  • A desk workspace
  • Computer
  • Telephone connection
  • Internet connection

As your business grows and your contract base increases, we will support and advise, when the time will be right to relocate your office to commercial premise, we recommend planning for this key change when your turnover (annualised sales) exceeds one million pounds.

low start-up costs
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