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John Mbangweta & Notbulka Pfuma – Northampton Regional Director

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with the owner Jerome and his wife Michelle. The GM Team are a pleasure to work with and I feel greatly confident going forward that I will be able to grow my business substantially. Jerome really took his time to make me understand the business principal and gave me detailed meetings so that I could plan and prepare for each stage of the franchise development plan. Green Machine has continued to give us support from the time we started. Support and advice has been there when we needed it most, and they continue to be there and available. 

GM has given us a strong foundation of knowledge, information, and support. We would not hesitate to recommend them to potential franchises to take the plunge that can change futures.”

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Brett Miller & Amy Whitehall – Sheffield Regional Directors

“Amy & I are from the hospitality sector, we have been running businesses individually and together for over 13 years, working for one of the largest companies in the industry we have gained valuable experience managing teams of 150+ employees.

Covid made us reassess our working future, having looked at numerous options moving forward we decided that Green Machine was the right fit, we loved the Green Ethos, the people within GM, the company profile, and the family-orientated business. For the future, we do not doubt that helping other businesses ensure they are clean, protected, and cared for is a great responsibility, but, the pride we enjoy by making a positive difference to another’s working environment is one of the greatest rewards.

Both in our mid-30s, with 2 young children, now was the appropriate time to make the change and take our lives into our own hands. Giving us the ability to change our children’s lives for the better.”

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