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Why a Green Machine Franchise

why choose a
Green Machine Franchise

Franchising provides a tried & tested route to managing your own business, by showing you to implement a business model that has already proved to be successful.

The team

The Green Machine Team will provide one to one support and guidance during your start-up phase and then ongoing day to day. Franchising is about people and the franchisee franchisor relationship and that should make us the stand-out choice from others. But please also remember the key player in the business long term is you!

Quality support

This is at the forefront of what we provide to our franchisees, and what really makes us different from other franchisors. Our helpdesk, human resources, technical, business development, IT and marketing advice, is readily available to all our franchise owners.

Training courses

We will initially welcome you into the Green Machine family, with our two-week training course, followed by on-going training opportunities, and specialised industry courses.

development / marketing

Jerome will design a bespoke growth development plan for your business which will act as a guide for your future development and growth. Remember, the Commercial Cleaning sector is huge, and growing bigger every year offering you with the exceptional opportunities to grow and expand your franchise.

Benefits of a Green Machine franchise

  • Tried & tested business model that generates good profit margins.
  • Use of the Green Machine Brand name and reputation.
  • Green Machine have a proven business system, which will be included in the operating manual we provide, which should ensure that your new business grows in line with expectations set out in your business plan.
  • On-going support with Marketing, Operations, IT, Business Development, and Training in key skills and product
  • High growth potential, how far you will grow and develop is all driven by you.